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BBguns4u presents the HFC HG-106 Baikal Makarov Spy Pistol!

Who doesn't want to be a cool special agent-spy like James Bond? He gets to travel the world, drive nice cars, use cool gadgets, take out bad guys and of course there are the women. But lets get serious here, we are never going to be as cool as James Bond. One thing you can do though is get yourself the Green Gas Spy Pistol. Strike your favorite James Bond pose in front of the mirror with the Airsoft gun and your parents will wonder where it all went wrong! But all joking aside this is a great gas Airsoft gun and it features the unique style design faux wood grips.
At only £24.99 this is a real treat! Get yours today and become James Bond!

This is a Green Gas Airsoft Pistol which means that it uses Green Gas as a propellant. It shoots hard and fast with a semi-automatic firing mode and is extremely lifelike.

HFC designed this gun based on the Baikal Makarov - a gun that was used throughout the mid-20th Century by the Soviet Union as their standard military side-arm. If you don't already know, this model was featured in many of the James Bond films; either handled by the protagonist himself or used against him by Rissian soldiers.

One feature many Green Gas Airsoft Guns have, including the HG-106, is the blowback effect; meaning that as the BB is propelled forward at 250 average FPS the slide thrusts backward mimicking the kick of a real gun! This Green Gas Airsoft Pistol doesn't require any pumping just simply point and shoot. This is a high end Green Gas Airsoft gun that is able to continuously fire BB pellets as you pull the trigger!

To get started using the HG-106 Pistol choose a magazine, load it up to 20 rounds of pellets, insert magazine into gun handle. Next fill up the bottom of the gun handle with an approved Gas Bottle. Make sure to turn the gun upside-down so you can feed the gas vertically, much like you would when refilling a lighter, while pressing the gas nozzle into the hole. You should hear a hissing sound, hold for around 5 seconds for a full tank then pull out. There is only one firing mode available which is a Single-Shot. You can fire one pellet at a time with this gun. To do so you must pull back the Loading Slide (top of the gun) to load a pellet from the attached magazine, then slide it back into original position before aiming & pulling the trigger!

Please only use 0.20 gram high quality BBs with this item in order to keep it in working order (see our products page to stock up on these). Using anything else as ammunition for this gun will void the warranty and may cause it to jam. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this Airsoft gun.

You will need to purchase Green Gas for this gun separately.


  • Green Gas Powered
  • 250 FPS
  • 40 meter range
  • Semi-automatic firing mode
  • Plastic ABS Body
  • Faux Wood Grips
  • Working Safety


  • Green Gas Silenced Spy Pistol
  • Sample Bag Of 50x BB pellets


  • FPS: 250
  • Range: 40 meters from target
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Size: 6 Inches

Because of UK legislation, all orange airsoft bb guns will be shipped without laser, and all clear airsoft bb guns will be sent with laser if included in the gun set.

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  1. Billy Vessel says:

    Very sexy gun! And has a great fps for such a small pistol; gas works really well with it, thanks!

  2. Kyle says:

    cool pistol thanks

  3. Arturo says:

    prety nifty pistol thanks!!

  4. Woah this weblog is fantastic i like studying your articles. Keep up the good work! You understand, a lot of individuals are looking round for this info, you can help them greatly.

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